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The patients name has been withheld based on her request.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2009 when I was just 25 years old. It was quite difficult for me to accept the situation and it eventually caused a lot of stress for me and my family. Over a period of 3 years my medicine dosage increased and eventually insulin injections were suggested. I gained more than 15 kgs in 3 years.

Two years back I read an article on bariatric surgery and discussed the same with my family physician whether the same is applicable for me. My doctor suggested me to meet Dr. K.P. Singh at Sparsh Hospital for an expert opinion. After meeting Dr. K.P. Singh,  I was fully convinced that I can recover from this situation by undergoing a surgery as suggested by him.

I underwent the surgery and after almost 3 months from surgery I am off diabetes medicines.

Dr. K.P. Singh and his team have been constantly monitoring my progress efficiently and effectively.

It feels great to be free of a killer disease like diabetes and losing weight is a bonus (I have lost more than 22 kgs within a span of 6 months). This surgery has given me my lost health which is now my biggest asset.

I and my family are indebted to Dr K.P. Singh and his team for giving me a new lease of life.